Makeup Artistry Course Reviews

Megan Vosloo


I have gained so much knowledge doing this course. I enjoyed it so much!

I loved the variety of the modules learning everything that you need to know in the makeup industry. Amazing support group, tutor's support and feedback.

I couldn't be happier to graduate from The Institute of Makeup Artistry. It was an amazing experience, and I would definitely recommend them.


Bianca van Niekerk


I didn't have much knowledge of makeup or the industry when I started this course, but it taught me so much and many skills that money cannot buy as well.

It was amazing to work through the detailed modules and practice what I had learnt in the assignment. I loved working with my tutor, and I think that was the best part for me. I had someone I could ask for help or feedback; it was an amazing experience.

I would definitely recommend this course to everyone, and you might think, how can you do an online makeup course? But trust me, it is truly worth it.


Elisheba Maloney


This course will inspire the uninspired. It is a great platform to learn the basics and make it a profession with time.

I have learned techniques I never thought of before enrolling with IMUA. I have never been more intrigued by anything than I have by this course.

I will recommend this to anybody out there with a passion for makeup artistry because it's the best course to enhance your skill and love for artistry.


Nadia Ras


The course is extremely easy to follow and gets to the point fast.

I love this course because it dives into the world of all kinds of makeup and doesn’t just focus on one particular subject.

Definitely worth my time.


Nikita Claudette Dippenaar


I really loved the course! The site was very easy to use and access from anywhere.

The material and videos were very insightful, easy to understand and generally easy to complete. I’ve gained a lot from them and especially enjoyed the more creative and SFX makeup modules.

And lastly, the tutors were AMAZING and always responded to any questions really quickly! Very friendly and knowledgeable!

I would highly recommend this course and look forward to putting into practice everything I’ve learnt throughout the course.


Liza-Marie Fulton


This is one of the most flavorful and colourful courses!

My exposure to new products and skills was stretched to new boundaries. The website and assignment submissions are so user-friendly. The course is extremely comprehensive and the convenience endless from downloading the modules to watching the video tutorials. The content is compiled very professionally, feedback on assignments is one-on-one and my tutor was so encouraging and supportive during my journey!

I will definitely recommend the course and also sign up for future advanced courses.

Kayla Korte

Cape Town

I was always passionate about makeup from a very young age, doing makeup on all my friends and always wanting to make them feel their best and enhancing their beauty, when I realized that I wanted to fulfill my dream of becoming a makeup artist because it would allow me to be the creative person I always wanted to be.

I found this course to be very informative about all the techniques and aspects of makeup and I really enjoyed it. This course helped me to explore all aspects of makeup and to be put out of my comfort zone. I am confident to say I did very well in every module because it taught me everything I needed to know about each aspect.


Melissa Elizabeth Louw


I chose ‘The Institute of Makeup Artistry’ because of the fact they do Special Effects Makeup. My dream is to work with great directors and producers such as Peter Jackson from WETA WORKSHOP.

I studied Somatology for 3 years, graduated with my Diploma, which has also given me many opportunities in the industry of Beaty. This is where my love of makeup started. Then I went on to work for the Disney Cruise Lines, working and travelling for 3 fabulous adventure-filled years.

I came back home after my last contract and wanted to further my studies in the makeup industry. I did countless research on where it would be my best choice to do so, and when I found ‘The Institute of Makeup Artistry’ - I knew it was the perfect fit!

Great tutors, amazing course modules, online videos training us on how to do the makeup! All this within the comfort of doing it on MY OWN TIME! When I started working through each module, I realised how much I love doing makeup! I learnt so much!

My tutor, Mrs Catherine Farren-Price, was an amazing mentor! She guided me, helped me out with tips and tricks! I enjoyed every countless minute and hour I spent on all my original work! From doing a simple wedding, look to building my very own prosthetic!!

It has been an eye-opener as to why I started this course in the first place! It’s showed me that you could be an artist even without paper! My creativity grew! I am now ready to take on the world of Makeup. I aspire to inspire - like many of the tutors on this course! Although I only had the privilege of spending time with Mrs Cathy, I admire each and every other mentor on this website!!

I will most definitely recommend anyone with a passion for Makeup to start this course! It will fuel that passion even more! You will not regret it.

Teresa Joy Hoffman

Port Elizabeth

It is worth it. I was excited about this course from the very beginning. It was an off the cuff decision to take this course, and I haven't regretted it one bit.

There were a few times when I was worried about obtaining certain materials for my course as I didn't get the kit, but with just a little research and asking around, I was able to get what I needed.

My tutor was a great help, as were the student support and the student group on Facebook.

Take the course; it will be worth it.

Jamie J. Van Vuuren


I loved doing this course, I learned a lot and this course helped me to see what I am capable to do as a makeup artist.

I feel worthy to go out there and claim the name. So if you are someone who needs to determine your abilities as a makeup artist and learn new skills to further your career this course is definitely for you. Tutors are awesome and very helpful.

Definitely do the course; You will absolutely love it!

Chrisna Coetzee

Beaufort West

This course was a really great one, I enjoyed it a lot. The feedback that I got was so helpful and the marking time was quick. All the modules were put together very well and had a lot of information that I needed. It wasn't hard to do research on something.

When I got something wrong I always got reasons as to why I had it wrong and how to improve.

This was a great experience. Thank you.


Angela Carbone

White River

The Institute of Makeup Artistry is as professional as it is fun and educational. I thoroughly enjoyed learning new techniques and different industry information.

The student site itself is great to use and I especially liked the Portfolio feature which is a simple way to have a professional-looking site. Student support was excellent and assignments never took more than 48 hours to be assessed which made it quicker to begin the next assignment (if you have a lot of time on your hands of course).

Overall I would highly recommend studying through the Institute of Makeup Artistry simply for their student-tutor interactions, professionalism, and exciting/fun course work.

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